Gwinnett Scores
Gwinnett Scores
Gwinnett Scores

2015 GGR 50

RBGreater Atlanta6'1"181lbsFast elusive running back. Very good at change of direction, and he will lower the boom to get the tough yards between the tackles. Ran for 1,664 yds and scored 20 TDs. Also a sure tackler at the CB position. Follow on Twitter
LBGrayson6' 1"208lbsBarry has great timing on his blitz and plays a lot bigger than his frame. Hard hitter who plays with a lot of passion. Can also play SS. Totaled 56 Tackles and 8 Sacks also ran for 265 yds and scored 4 TD's on his junior campaign. Follow on Twitter
WRNorth Gwinnett6' 2"214lbsAlmonzo is a playmaker with deceptive speed and good hands. Finishes his blocks and catches the ball at the highest point. Had 33 Rec. 513 yards and 8 TD's his Junior season also threw 2 TD's. Follow on Twitter
KBuford6' 1"200lbsBonadies has a strong accurate leg 6-8 FG 89-90 XP. Follow on Twitter
LBGreater Atlanta Christian6' 3"220lbsCooksey recorded 89 tackles, and 3 sacks in 2013. He has nice bulk and is a strong, physical defender. He is very tough in the tackle box and at the point of attack. Follow on Twitter
RBBuford6' 2"185lbsCooper is a tall long strider with above average speed, has great vision and patience. He averaged 11.1 yards per carry for 547 yards with 5 TD'sduring his junior season. Cooper is also a special Returner.
DB/WRBuford6' 1"190lbsDavid Curry is a physical SS with good ball skills, also solid at WR. Recorded 51 Tackles and 1 Int on defense and 11 Reception for 159 yards and 2 TD's on Offense last season.
QBMill Creek6' 0"190lbsDaniel David is one of the best Pocket Passing Dual Threat QB's in the Nation. Very rare to see a QB as athletic as David and can still sit in the pocket and deliver accurate throws. Had over 2K all purpose yards last year. Follow on Twitter
OLParkview6' 3"319lbsTrey is big, strong, aggressive and gets to the second level well. Always looking for his next block, and plays through the whistle. Follow on Twitter
ATHDacula5' 8"152lbsJacque is one of the fastest and most explosive players in Gwinnett. Runs the ball very hard and can take a hit. Pure Athlete. 595 rushing yards 1 TD, 2 Rec. 53 Yds, 52 Tackles 2 Int's.
OLMill Creek6' 3"290lbsJosh Fannin makes you want to say Wow! Great pass blocker with good hand placement and very very quick feet. Can play Center or Guard. Takes his opponent completely out of the play and creates a hole for two running backs. Follow on Twitter
LBGrayson6' 3"210lbsDaniel is a tackling machine with great measurables (H.W.S). Always seems to be around the ball. Fennell has a well-rounded game with good run defense, pass coverage and blitzing ability. Totaled 111 Tackles and 2 Sacks last year. Follow on Twitter
DTCollins Hill6' 1"262lbsFox totaled 60 tackles and 2.5 sacks his junior season. He was a big presence and leader for one of the best defenses in the county. Fox is a good run-stuffer that can play DT or DE. Always stays on course of pursuing the ball. Relentless on the pass rush. Follow on Twitter
ATHDacula5' 6"156lbsKelan Fraise is fast, quick and elusive all in one. An OLB worst nightmare if he is in the slot. Breakaway speed and there is no such thing as arm tackling this kid.Fraise had 483 yards rushing & 3 TD's, also had 22 Rec. 394 yds and 7 TD's through the air, and scored on a KOR last season. Follow on Twitter
RBLanier6' 0"190lbsFuller is an All Purpose Back that can run out of a Pro Style or Spread Offense, also catches the ball out of the backfield well. Ran for 1,590 yds & scored 20 TD's, also had 16 receptions for 144 yards his Junior year. Follow on Twitter
RBMill Creek6' 0"210lbs"J-Hawk" is a big power back with speed who loves to initiate contact. He has the build of a college back right now. Rushed for 369 yards and 7 TD's in 2013. Look for Hawkins to put up big numbers this year. Follow on Twitter
DB/WRGrayson6' 0"175lbsHayes can play every position in the defensive backfield . Hayes has excellent cover skills at the corner position, is physical enough to play in the box at SS, and has the range to play FS. Totaled 59 Tackles & 4 Int's last year. Commited to Duke University. Follow on Twitter
OLBBuford6' 4"230lbsKonnor was a part of an excellent line backing corp for the Buford Wolves and he led the team with 87 tackles. Houston looks to be a good fit as a 3-4 OLB on the next level. Follow on Twitter
OLNorth Gwinnett6' 6"258lbsOne of the best overall players in the country.. No question Mitch is a 5*recruit. He destroys his competition on every play.Good run and pass blocker. Has good technique and plays with an attitude. Commited to Clemson. Follow on Twitter
WRNorth Gwinnett6' 4"225lbsDaniel is big and physical enough for TE and fast and athleic enough for WR. Matchup nigtmare for defenses. Had 29 receptions for 358 yards and 2 TD's. Commited to Missouri. Follow on Twitter
DEMountain View6' 2"235lbsJones is a solid DE. Quick off the ball and fast around the edges. He was 3rd in the County in sacks last year with 11. Follow on Twitter
OLMill Creek6' 4"274lbsKim is a good pass-protector and very effective run-blocker. Kaleb finishes his blocks down the field and plays with a mean streak. He has committed to Auburn. Follow on Twitter
DLNorcross6' 0"265lbsKithcart finished with 78 tackles and 5 sacks his junior year. He’s an explosive DT with a quick first step and power at the point of attack. Follow on Twitter
DENorcross6' 2"225lbsBaptiste-Kouassi is very quick off the ball and has a high motor with a good speed rush off the end. Athletic enough to play OLB in the 3-4. Look for him to switch from LDE to RDE this year. 99 Tackles & 8.5 Sacks last year. Follow on Twitter
DB/RBDacula5' 8"174lbsC.J is a pure athlete, one of the most versatile players in the county. Can be all county on either side of the ball. Mayes rushed for 521 yards and 3 Td's also recorder 26 tackles. Follow on Twitter
DBShiloh5' 11"168lbsJeremy McDuffie has great size and speed at the cornerback position. Good open field tackler with excellent zone coverage skill and will also beat you up in press coverage. Has a good feel for the game. Football player with all the tangibles. Recorded 38 Tackles and 2 Int's in 2013.
DELanier6' 6"219lbsMcSwain is a pure speed-rusher with superb athletic skill and ideal size for the defensive end position. He can beat offensive tackles with speed or power. He finished his junior year with 67 tackles and 9 sacks. Follow on Twitter
RBArcher5' 5"157lbsRandy is a solid RB with soft hands. Follows his block very well and is patient enough to let the play develop for him. Great speed in open space and is not afraid to deliver the block in pass protection. Ran for 0ver 1,000 yards last year & recorded 6 TD's. Follow on Twitter
OLPeachtree Ridge6' 2"267lbsMiles is athletic and quick. He is a well balanced run and pass blocker. Oh and how many offensive lineman do you know can dunk a basketball. Follow on Twitter
DLBuford6' 3"260lbsQuay is a very physical DT. He drives his opponent into the ground every chance he get's. Can also play nose in the 3-4. Decent speed and never gives up on the play.
DLNorcross6' 5"270lbsPlantin is a high energy DT with a nose for the ball. He is very persistent on the pass rush. Can play in the 4-3 or 3-4 with no problems. Follow on Twitter
OLBuford6' 4"273lbsAt 6'4 280lbs Nick is special at the G position. He destroys his opponents usually driving them into the turf. Shows good speed when pulling on run plays. Follow on Twitter
TEArcher6' 4"225lbsConnor is exactly what you look for in a TE. Big, good hands and blocks when you need him to.Reminds me of Jason Witten. Connor seems to always be open, also lines up at the slot and catches the ball well in traffic. Follow on Twitter
TEParkview6' 4"240lbsG.G has the ideal Size for a TE with soft hands. His strong point is his blocking ability where he manhandles most players at this level. Let's be frank if I'm a defender, G.G is the last guy I want to try and bring down in open space.
DENorth Gwinnett6' 3"230lbsAnree is a well rounded football player with quickness and strength. Saint Amour has the power to play DE in the 4-3, and the athleticism to play OLB in the 3-4. Adding some more weight to fill out his frame will help improve his game tremendously. He recorded 75 tackles and 4 sacks last year.
RBShiloh5' 9"175lbsShavers had big numbers last year before he got injured, reminds me of CJ2K and Lamichael James. All he does is break long TD's. He recorded 797 yards on 97 carries with 10 TD's in only seven games his junior season. He is back at 100 percent and ready to put up big numbers this season.
WRCentral Gwinnett5' 9"165lbsChris Shelling is a Quick shifty Athlete who led the the County with 82 Receptions last year, also played a little RB. Look for him to have an even bigger year in 2014.
DB/WRGreater Atlanta Christian6' 2"183lbsDarius Slayton is another GAC athlete with track speed. He will run by most DB's on the go and post route. He is also really good at the corner position. Physical enough to play the boundary corner but also has the speed and cover skills to play the field corner. He recorded 940 yards receiving with 8 TD's in 2013. Follow on Twitter
LBBuford6' 3"205lbsSmith is a pysical OLB with safety speed. Austin has no problem covering the slot receiver. Shows great footwork, keeps his head moving and watch out when he is blitzing. Follow on Twitter
DBPeachtree Ridge6' 1"186lbsJoe Smith has a DB frame/speed with a LB mentality. Makes the move from SS to FS this year. Making 34 tackles and 1 INT last season expecting a lot of game changing plays from him this year. Follow on Twitter
DBNorth Gwinnett6' 1"194lbsStackhouse is a Ball Hawk/Big corner with good technique who can play all positions in the defensive backfield. 4 INT in 2013 with 48 tackles. Follow on Twitter
WRShiloh6' 3"193lbsStewart just goes up and snatches the ball out of the air like he is grabbing a rebound. If your playing against him you might get "Mossed. " Cam is a good route runner with great hands. Stewart caught for 670 yards on 30 catches and 5 TD's in 2013. Committed to UCF. Follow on Twitter
DL/OLWesleyan6' 5"272lbsTony Taylor III plays with a motor that is unmatched. He is mean, aggressive and smart all at the same "Damn" time. Very physical on the defensive side of the ball where he is looking to punish someone. Blocks with the best at OT. Very good player. Follow on Twitter
QBArcher6' 0"170lbsTiller is an accurate passer with excellent footwork and good leadership skills. Ran a very fast tempo offense and led his team to an undefeated regular season and Region Championship. He threw for 2370 yards and 28 TD's last season with an astounding 70 percent completion rate. Gabe was also the first ever Gwinnett Gridiron Recruits QB of the Year! Follow on Twitter
ATHCentral Gwinnett6' 4"214lbsThomas is a superb athlete that can play just about any position on the field. At 6'4 217lbs he will make an immediate impact at the LB position. He caught 10 passes for 210 yards and 4 TD's last season. Look for a dominant season from Adonis in 2014. Follow on Twitter
RB/LBBuford6' 0"200lbsJoshua Thomas reminds me of Marcus Latimore with his pigeon tow running style. Always around the ball on defense. Had more scoop and scores than most teams by himself. He rushed for over 1000 yards last season and recorded 20 TD's with 56 tackles on Defense. Follow on Twitter
QBPeachtree Ridge6' 3"212lbsThrasher has good measurables with a great work ethic. Led the Lions to the state playoffs as a 1st year starter. Chance threw for 2364 yards and 18 TD's last season. Follow on Twitter
DB/WRMountain View6' 1"178lbsWhitner is a technician at the CB position with good ball skills. He has great footwork and smooth hips enabling him to change direction with ease. Whitner tallied 2 INT's last year and 56 tackles. He also showcased his ball skills on the offensive side with 33 receptions for 524 yards and 4 TD's. Follow on Twitter
CMountain View6' 3"280lbsWright has a good combination of strength, quickness, and athleticism. He is a tenacious run blocker and he gets to the second level well. I've never noticed a lefty at the center position, but it looks cool. Follow on Twitter
DLGrayson6' 4"260lbsYoung is a physical force and a tough run stuffer who beats offensive lineman with power. He has really good explosion off the snap. Young registered 55 tackles and 1 sack in 2013. Justin is a versatile player who can line up at any spot on the defensive line. Committed to Georgia. Follow on Twitter