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Let’s go camping

Modern day high school football no longer has an off-season. It has definitely become a yearlong process. Years ago, after the end of the season, players either thought about the other sports that they would participate in or start dreaming of the summer day the football practice would start up.

That’s no longer the case. Weightlifting class is now an elective class all players are expected to take, and right after the first of the year, off season conditioning and speed and agility activities are scheduled. Most players also work out with athletic trainers on their own time. There must be hundreds of trainer options in the Metro Atlanta area. Some are position specific, others provide overall fitness routines.

Then comes the exposure camps. Here a camp, there a camp, everywhere a camp. You have the Nike camp, Adidas camp, MVP camp, Rising Junior camp. Don’t forget about the Blue Chip camp and there are others that I forget or just don’t know about. The list goes on. I’m sure that a lot of positive things happen at these venues. Young men get to see how they compare with others. They receive coaching from guys who have succeeded at the highest level. I asked a player one time what he thought about the position coach he worked with. His response to me was “he showed us a Super Bowl ring on each hand”. That would have caught my attention.

But with all the good, there is always the other side. Some of these camps have a registration fee, others are free. At a free camp, you will have hundreds of players participate. Does anyone really get the attention that they were hoping for? I would think the superior athlete would get seen, but for the others, getting lost in the crowd is probably a common occurrence.

Then you have the “fee” camps. This is where it gets interesting. Let’s say the camp registration fee is $60.00 and 350 players participate. That would generate $21,000 in gross revenue. I’m sure the coaches receive payment for their time and effort and there is a cost of renting the venue. I have no idea what these costs would be.
25 coaches @ $200 each = $5000
Administrative cost $5000
Facility rental $5000

Again, I don’t know what these camps cost to put on but if this example is anywhere close, somebody just put $6000 in their pocket.
Remember, it’s all about the kids…………………..Anybody want to go camping?

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