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Gwinnett Scores

Numbers don’t lie

*The opinions expressed here represent my own and not Gwinnett Gridiron Recruits.*

So another National Signing Day has passed and programs are thumping their chests about getting everything they need to compete for a Championship. There is no doubt that this State produces as many as any other for the next level. It is safe to say just about every program had a player sign with a college. One proud program in South Georgia had 25 men sign to continue their careers. I don’t think that’s a record but it has to be close. What I am sure about is congratulations are in order to all that were involved: Coaches, Players, Teachers, Parents……….great job done by all.

Once again, Gwinnett County set the pace for signees. This year 131 players from Gwinnett signed to continue their education and dreams. New entrance requirements for College did make a difference as we had more JUCO signings this year. Over the last decade or so, Gwinnett had been averaging approximately 126 commits on signing day, so these new standards slightly slowed the pace. Last year, Gwinnett had 139 commitments on signing day but by the end of the school year, that number had risen to 191. Yes, once again hundreds have moved on. A very slight percentage will ever experience the dream of the NFL, but receiving an opportunity to get a college education is what really matters.
There is a lot of ways to brag about the product your area produces. Ultimately, in my opinion…………..Number don’t lie!

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