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Tranfer Mania!!!!!!!!!!!

*The opinions expressed here represent my own and not Gwinnett Gridiron Recruits.*

There was a time when you saw a young man playing football in the local youth league and all you could think about was how that kid was going to be a “beast” when he suited up for the High School team. Well that may be true in most areas but in Metropolitan Atlanta, there’s really no telling where he will be playing ball.

In recent years, the trend of moving around to different programs has become very common. Players move in from different counties, some bounce around inside the county that they reside. Here today, gone tomorrow….. I understand the concept of “doing everything possible” to put your child in the best possible situation and as a father, would do the same.

The one thing I don’t understand is, IF YOU’RE ALREADY RATED AS A 4 OR 5 STAR ATHLETE and you have numerous offers to play College football, what exactly are you chasing? What is going to be so much better at “this” school versus the school where you developed and achieved your status? One exception would be if you have a decent skill set, but are stuck way down the depth chart, changing schools might be a wise decision.
Is it the prospect of receiving a better education? I don’t have the exact data, but from my knowledge, every high school in Gwinnett County has students meeting qualifications for acceptance into college. I met a parent once that told me that their district school didn’t provide the education they desired yet on that year’s National Signing Day, that same school had one player commit to Vanderbilt and another to Duke. What a shame that those two young men’s high school education held them back from getting into a “good” school. Is it a Championship? Let’s be real. The level of competition in this State is fantastic!!!! Thinking that loading up talent at one school is going to make the difference doesn’t already come true. Lots of schools have tried this, however I’m not aware any of those schools won it all. Programs win Championships, All-Star teams come close. There must be a reason for all this movement. Can someone please explain it to me.

In closing, let’s think about what the State of Florida just did. The Florida State Board of Education just adopted a new policy that allows any student to attend any school that they desire. Should be interesting to see how that works.

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